July 22, 2011

Randy Hopper's background music turns ominous

Embattled WISGOP Senator lies desperately, pantalons flambé.

You remember Randy Hopper.

Incidentally the Wisconsin Supreme Court does not consider "ominous background music" to be part of a candidate's "statement," at least for the purposes of evaluating whether a candidate for the judiciary violated the code of ethics that candidate necessarily submits to, but it should.

Similarly, when Randy Hopper turns up to face Wisconsin working families dressed like an Edwardian fop, that's a fashion statement.


Mike said...

These are the numbskulls who think it's over the top to say the Republican voucher system for Medicare is destroying the program and they think the guy is a damn liar. Buh bye, Randy.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Exactly Mike. When Republi-fact gives one of their own a "Pants on Fire", you're a new level of dishonest.

He's almost reaching the Vander Least zone of "you really need to check yourself if you vote for this guy."