July 18, 2011

MJS wing-nut reader comment of the day

Hey all you libs, get a job and get off the blogs.
lvgolf, Monday, 10:41 a.m.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

What is it about "hard working conservatives" constantly polluting those forums during the work day. Guys like me aren't allowed to comment, and I'm allegedly doing nothing all day, let alone something important like those Initech guys.

And the fact that the loser has "golf" in his name and is a whiny Republican speaks volumes- and helps explain why I don't play the game

John Foust said...

Careful, Jake. That's the third rail of online conservatism. No one wants to talk about that. You think they're all on third shift? You think they all work at places with an Acceptable Use Policy that allows as much casual surfing as you can hide from your boss? What is this doing to our national productivity?

Me? I'm self-employed.