July 29, 2011

MJS: Freud slipped here

Voters want an intelligent discussion on issues that matter. Well, they can rest assured they won’t find it here. — Edit. board blog


CJ said...

Off topic but I was listening to NPR's Talk of The Nation. There is an organization that is creating a thrid party platform for voters. Thought you would be interested in checking it out. Might be food for another post.

Link to program: http://www.npr.org/2011/07/26/138715940/will-debt-drama-drive-you-to-a-third-party

Link to the website: http://www.americanselect.org/

Jim said...

I get what JS meant, what I want to know is where these voters are that want intelligent discussion. Did they miss the 2010 election?

illusory tenant said...

Hey where you been.

Jim said...

Selling hardware mostly. Got a fried computer too, this phoneternet thing just isn't the same.