July 29, 2011

Sympathy for the stabber

Audio via the Isthmus.

If I had to listen to Meade Althouse, I'd get pretty stabby too.

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John Foust said...

People taking video of people taking pictures of people taking pictures. Where to begin. Are you a citizen? Are you carrying your papers? Are you a protester? Are you independent? Where are your sympathies? Are you doing something you want to hide, even though you're doing it in the hallway while I film you?

I think the best evidence of Meade's trolling slash desire to lead the witness are his own statements. After all his hours at the Capitol, he'll ask
"Are you a representative?" in his best feigned innocence. Yeah, Meade, all the Reps take a few hours out of their day to oversee guys cleaning stone with spray bottles and their fingernails.

And gosh, statements like "This isn't a debate, I'm telling you what happened," who wouldn't want to love him a little more. You can see why Althouse fell for him. Follow the logic - of the heart!

I'm no DOA employee slash Walker goon slash expert on marble slash granite, but I would think a little d-limolene would have no effect on stone but would easily melt the sticker adhesive, but any razor would have a greater chance of scratching.

I'm a consultant often paid by the hour, so I'm a bit torn when the client wants to chat with me while I work. On one hand, it distracts and takes longer. On the other, I'll be paid more and they might appreciate the extra educational opportunity.