July 11, 2011

And which GOP hypocrisy and dishonesty remind me

Remember Justice/Gableman's grilling of a Wisconsin attorney, Virginia Bartelt, pursuant to Mike Gableman's paranoid Sorosian fantasies? If not, here's the (unofficial) transcript.* Yet lo and behold, when Koch-funded lawyers from Minnesota and elsewhere sought pro hac vice permission before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, they were granted without comment, and without Mike Gableman's Tail Gunner Joe innuendos.

* That wasn't a case, by the way. That was part of the court's open administrative process whereby citizens, legitimately concerned about the influence of third-party interest outfits on due process and equal protection of the law in Wisconsin, presented ideas on how the court might address those concerns. The out-of-State Koch attorneys, however, were admitted as pro hac vice counsel in a case, ironically a case having to do with campaign financing of Supreme Court elections.

It's also clear to any minimally sentient observer of the court that Gableman supports the pro hac vice attorneys' position in the matter.

Atty. Bartelt's views did not prevail at the court. Instead the court adopted — verbatim — a set of ethics rules drafted by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. Which adoption is supposed to allay the aforementioned concerns. You can't make this stuff up, as they say.

Well, you could, or else you could just let the Republicans do it.

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