July 8, 2011

Ron Johnson, Bircher-quality paranoid

AL HUNT: "You think [federal health care reform is] a bigger threat than communism?"

RON JOHNSON: "That’s exactly what this thing is-"
And just plain embarrassing is exactly what this character is.


Anonymous said...

I hope that S. Johnson isn't saying that healthcare reform isn't necessary but that the legislature took advantage of P. Obama by giving him a 2700 page abomination.

The country is in general agreement that the healthcare reform act needs to be redone but not eliminated.

illusory tenant said...

He's a self-described Randian who opposes all market regulation on principle but whose own business benefited from government discounts and largesse. In other words, a hypocrite, and apparently a very narrowly educated one. But he very well may get his wish next year when the Supreme Court invalidates the insurance mandate.

John Foust said...

Oh, Rand is spinning in her Valhalla grave, for all these people who claim to love her philosophy but who happily ignore the anti-religion passages. She would've shanked you for any far smaller a deviation, such as listening to the wrong sort of music in your free time.