July 16, 2011

Waukesha County round-files a million dollar letter

Kathy Nickolaus embattled — Situation Normal: All F*cked Up


CJ said...

Un-flippin'-believable. I'm starting to think this is a ploy to prove she's incompetent than than devious. I am their leader! Which way did they go? Yes, I'm in charge. But we're so busy that that "we" forgot to take care of that. I asked for help, but didn't get any. And the second letter sent? Well, another country department got it, didn't they?

Mike said...

This is just a viral marketing campaign by Waukesha County to teach people what a County Clerk does.

John Foust said...

We're starting a pool to guess the moment when a cheddarsphere conservative blog speculates that it was an evil liberal staff member who hid the letter in order to make a Republican look bad.