July 26, 2011

In Wisconsin, tantrums thrown over technicalities

Observes a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel community columnist:
A Dane County circuit judge was able to stall the [Fitz Van Walker regime's union-busting] bill on a technicality for months.
In the business of logical fallacies, this is known as "hand waving."

The "technicality" under consideration is Wisconsin's Open Meetings Law, which occupies an entire subchapter (Subchapter V) of the State statutes, consisting of 50 separate statutory provisions, not including cross references to other statutory provisions, annotations, published interpretations by the Attorney General, prior precedent, and so forth.

In fact a Wisconsin Department of Justice lawyer admitted on the record in that very circuit judge's court that Republican legislators had violated both the letter and the spirit (as clearly articulated by those legislators' predecessors in Wis. Stat. § 19.81) of the State Open Meetings Law.

Thus this so-called "technicality" is not so easily hand-waved away.

However, Subchapter V does not contain one single forward slash.

And as for "tantrums," apparently balloon-stabbings don't count.


Anonymous said...

Now, you take your Scott Jensen skating, there's a technicality for you.

CJ said...

Hey. What were you expecting? Unions have "ruined" our state economy. Prosser's election won in the end due to a clerical error. The Dane county judge lost her ruling (to a stacked Supreme Court) due to a technicality. Walker's dudes have passed legislation to protect us all from voter fraud (even though they ran fraudulent candidates). The Prosser-Bradly *cough, cough* investigation has been abducted by aliens. *hand wave* "You weren't being choked." We'll just keep passing this investigation to another agency..... ad all the rest. Like the poor soul, Ron Blair, who cut his hand when "he fell on the stairs" and who's super juicy knife attack story has also fallen into oblivion....

*hand wave* *head bob* *finger snap* It's frickin' magic here in Fitzwalkerstan.

Say what you want and be who you are, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't have a mind.

gnarlytrombone said...

On Facebook, Bruss writes "See my latest rant in the Journal Sentinel."

So happy the Fourth Estate could accommodate.

illusory tenant said...

"Our job: Keep the marketplace of ideas stocked."