July 11, 2011

Fake Democrats quintuplets separated at birth

Move over, Elzire Dionne


They're not Democrats, they're Republicans, all of them. Republicans had the fakes added to tomorrow's Democratic primary ballot, as the sixth fake Isaac Weix admitted, purely to waste public time and public money:
"I ran to push back the general election," he said. "Period."
County and municipal election clerks estimate that the six Republican fakes will require $428,000 in additional public expenditures. By comparison, the Associated Press estimated the cost of the recent Statewide* Supreme Court election recount at around $500,000.

As is predictably typical, the hypocrites cried bloody murder over the latter but you won't hear a peep out of them regarding the former.

Similarly, career Republican Scott Walker fought to keep thinker of bad thoughts David Duke off the 1992 GOP presidential ballot, but hasn't uttered a word about doer of bad acts David VanderLeest, the Republican who is challenging incumbent Sen. Dave Hansen on July 19.

Consistency and honesty are clearly too much to expect of the WISGOP. There's nothing unlawful about the WISGOP's shenanigans; they exploit Wisconsin's open primaries system. But nor was there anything unlawful with the actions of the 14 Democratic Senators who decamped to Illinois to prevent a Senate vote on the WISGOP's union-busting bill. However, nobody should expect any logical consistency on those accounts either.

Nor judicial conservatism from the GOP's so-called conservative judges.

"I ran to complement the general election," he said. "Forward slash."

* Whereas the GOP fakes are running in only six of 33 districts.


Anonymous said...

At least it's now being done openly...

Jeremy R. Shown said...

Up here in the 2nd we have a hard time distinguishing our fake Dems. After all, Nusbaum was a Republican at least up until 1994.

I wonder if Zielinski includes that detail in the fundraising letters.

illusory tenant said...

That's nothing, the governor thinks your senator is a fake Republican.

Mike said...

Oh, she's only been a Democrat for 17 years. Get ready for more of that, Jeremy. Some 10% of the Wisconsin electorate has changed their affiliation like her just this year.