July 25, 2011

Ross Douthat nobly grants his permission

"It’s fair to call Breivik a right-winger."
NYT conservative columnist Ross Douthat
Gee, thanks.

Also, Glenn Beck likens Breivik's victims to the Hitler Youth.

Because, you know, liberals are responsible for "coarsening the debate."

eta: What's this then, Die Ed Meese-Jugend?


gnarlytrombone said...

GOP presidential candidate:

"I equated the importance of winning the culture war here in this country as a prerequisite to be able to successfully win the war against these jihadis over the long term. And I made the comparison that if you look at Europe, Europe is not fighting by and large. And the reason they’re not fighting is because they’ve lost the culture war."

illusory tenant said...

Can't wait for the Santorum or Breivik? quiz.

illusory tenant said...

Name! That! Loon!

rich said...

Hey, hey now. Was it really necessary to compare Ed Meese's progeny to the Hitler Youth?

Glen Beck's Tampa Liberty School doesn't just teach 8-year-olds "the values of personal responsibility, faith, courage [and] hard work," but also of "reverence and thrift" too.

They go the extra mile at Beck's Youth School.

Thrift! Something you liberals wouldn't know anything about.

I like that they only have six comments on the post.