July 23, 2011

Terrorist's views familiar to US observers

"He writes mostly about what Americans call the culture war."
A gun-loving, highly religious Norwegian obsessed with what he saw as the threat of multiculturalism and Muslim immigration to the cultural and patriotic values of his country. — NY Times
Breivik had become ever more extreme in his hatred of Muslims, leftwingers and the country's political establishment. — Guardian
A picture is emerging, gleaned from official sources and social media, of a right-wing Christian fundamentalist who may have had an issue with his nation's multi-cultural society. — CNN
That last one sounds like Pat Buchanan.
He argues for setting up a system of social networking "such that is linked to similar organizations in other countries (similar to a beginning of a cultural Euro-version of a Tea Party movement)."
Well he would, wouldn't he.

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Anonymous said...

The Tea Party movement consists of Repubs, Dems, Independants of all ages,faiths and beliefs. It is rising because of past and present failures.

The Tea Party is working to free our politicians to run our govermment for the people with liberty, equality and justice for all.

His terrorists views are not found in the Tea Party.

illusory tenant said...

I didn't say "his terrorists views," I said this "terrorist's views," and suggested that they are familiar views to observers of US politics. Which they are.

illusory tenant said...

By the way did you take the Hitler vs. Pat Robertson test? How did you do?

Anonymous said...

Any observers of US politics should conclude that the people are not returning to Europe.

Why did you leave the Catholic Church?

Blake said...

@Anon 11:26 -- maybe there are Dems and Independents in the Tea Party, but if there are they're tokens. The Tea Party (and this is backed up by public polling) is older Republicans. Its watchword is not "liberty, equality and justice for all," but can best be summed up as "Get your government hands off my Medicare."

Laurie G said...

OMG!!! That test is horrible! However, it does explain many of the Lutheran teachings from my childhood and behavior from those espousing its values.

Anonymous said...

According to our resident conspiracy theorist, Dad29, he links to a claim that the Facebook profile of the Norwegian murderer was doctored to make it appear that he was a radical Christian.

illusory tenant said...

Right, because Knights Templar was a Buddhist thing.

John Foust said...

Kjøpe mer ammunisjon!