July 11, 2011

Conservatives denounce anonymous source

When it implicates Scott Walker.*

But they love the anonymous source that implicates Justice Bradley.

This would be the same Scott Walker, incidentally, who admitted to Fake Koch he'd considered releasing Republican Party thugs into the protest crowds at Madison to foment violence. So threatening to run a rival candidate against Sen. Cowles is comparatively small potatoes.

* See also the last item, in which Assembly Speaker Republican Jeff Fitzgerald of the Party of Personal Responsibility blames an unnamed staffer for lying about a basketball scholarship in his official biography.


Mike said...

Constituents of Luther Olsen speak similarly of him on occasion without any inside dope, but based on comparison of present and past behavior. That he was threatened with something – loss of power or influence, committee assignments, something. Some of these folks like Luther and have voted for him loyally over the years. Their first thought can be that it excuses him - it's not really his fault, you see, threatened like he was. Fred Clark's task is to get them to the next step - who is this guy really representing?

Anonymous said...

It appears that there may be an error in thinking that Gov Walker or the Republicans control the Tea Party.

It's my impression that the Tea Party will decide on their own who and what they'll support.

John Foust said...

Even Rasmussen showed that Tea Party folks vote more reliably Republican than do those who self-identify as Republicans.