July 5, 2011

JRN class act Charlie Sykes mocks a disabled man

Chris Liebenthal explains. I seem to recall an incident whereby Chris dared to suggest that Sarah Palin was using her child, who has Down Syndrome, as a political prop, which elicited gale force huffing and puffing from the local wing-nuts. Their silence in the present instance is assured.

A commenter notes:
There are several reasons why Jeremy has not paid any of the citations yet: the first is that several were dismissed, and the second is that he has yet to go to court on the other citations.
That's true, and not hard to confirm, even for a knucklehead like Sykes.

And everybody knows the constitutional authority to administer their calendars proceeds from the courts' supervisory/original jurisdiction.

Channel 3000 — Segway Transporter Donated To Disabled Man

"Jeremy Ryan, better known as 'Segway Boy,'" scrawled the Madison wing-nut* David Blaska. Better known by a-holes as Segway Boy, that is.

Also, if you care to follow the links, you'll find Charlie Sykes praising the ludicrous meanderings of William Jacobson, professor of law. Obviously that's not surprising but a Jacobson devotee turns up in Charlie Sykes's comments to chastise the Journal Communications, Inc. shouter for "putting an innuendo on someone who has actually taken the time to study the law" and claiming Jacobson never said what Sykes has him saying, which is that "Justice Ann Walsh Bradley needs to be held accountable for her 'chokehold' accusation." But of course that's exactly what Jacobson is saying. However, to be fair, Jacobson must have been busy that day because he only took time to study two-thirds of the law. Trouble is, the missing third is a mighty important third, as it turns out.

* A rare breed, so apparently you have to try harder.

Pictured: WTMJ harlequin Sykes in psychedelic hippie freak-out garb.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but Jeremy's disability doesnt excuse him from being called put as an annoying, self-important little jerk. Lots of people who support his cause wish he would just go away.

gnarlytrombone said...

He may be annoying and self-important. Does that make him a scam artist?

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know about that. For a young man who has supposedly survived five cardiac arrests, he sure smokes a lot. For a young father with not enough $$ and an aversion to working a full time job he sure lives in a pricey apt.

If he can convince others to hand over their $$ because they agree he is providing a vital service, well, that's not a scam, exactly, but it is kind of a head-scratcher.

gnarlytrombone said...

an aversion to working a full time job

The old trusty wingdar is blinking.

Anonymous said...

I can see why, but you're wrong on that count. I basically lifted that right from his appeal, where he says it comes down to asking people to give him money or get a full time job. The clear implication is that he doesn't want to have to do either one but, given the circumstances, he has chosen against seeking a job.

I also fail to see how putting up his OWN public appeal, and saying: "hey take a look at this" is mocking him.

Anonymous said...

Actually I kind of take that back. The Sykes post definitely does have a mocking tone to it. But it isn't in my opinion "mocking the disabled" as much as it is mocking Jeremy Ryan for, well, being self-important and annoying.

John Foust said...

If it weren't for all those well-to-do scions with an aversion to working a full-time job and a preference for a pricey apartment, then far fewer of those pricey apartments in downtown Madison would be empty.

illusory tenant said...

I don't believe Charlie Sykes -- who claims to have won the election for Justice Prosser -- has any grounds to criticize anybody else for being self-important.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Ryan (or whatever his name is) is a turd.