July 7, 2011

Rich guy sure loves him some Scott Walker

Maybe a little too much.

And, these tidbits, via Dispatches From Fitzwalkerstan:
Take a look at Mr. White’s twitter feed to catch a glimpse into the life of this contributor.
Cocktails in Mequon 2nite, golf tourny w/dinner 2morrow, wedding Sat, Phnx to see Sara Rose, Brett & Cheri Sun am, Milw Weds midnite. Whew!
Home alone for Village meeting tonight. Back to CO and mountains 7AM tomorrow.

Surfing financial web pages from office
Mr. White owns the Rite Hite Corporation.
Which makes him our friend Rick Esenberg's old boss. Small world aina?

Clearly, there's gold in them thar River Hills:
Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) raised $30,000 this year from a single contributor.
Republicans received unlimited donations while writing budget

That would be the budget that rewards the rich and burdens the poor.

Meanwhile Democrats have to work hundreds of contributors to equal what two or three wealthy individuals donate to Republican candidates.

Tells you something, don't it. Compare Alberta Darling's few big money contributors with failed Republican candidate for Senate John Nygren's ability to round up a grand total of 398 signatures, two short of what's required. John Nygren's failure paved the way for Republican David VanderLeest, who seems a wee bit off-kilter to say the least, to ensure the continuing incumbency of Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen.


Anonymous said...

How do you think goverment would be run if only individual people could contribute to a campaign and that only campaigns could advertise for the candidate?

illusory tenant said...

The well-heeled would just find some other way to buy favorable legislation and judges. At least, that's been the entire history of campaign finance reform.

John Foust said...

"Power to the people, especially for me and a few of my friends."

Damn you, iT, for starting my day on a cynical note!

illusory tenant said...

You mean some days don't?

Mike said...

Chris Bowers at Daily Kos says Small donors, unions give Democrats cash edge in Wisconsin recall elections. Granted, Darling is an exception. That doesn't include third party spending, which is going to be considerable on both sides. They've started on VanderLeest, election next Tuesday! No one else has opened up though.

illusory tenant said...

I don't know how even a Republican could vote for VanderLeest.

Anonymous said...

It appears Esenberg is predictable...

Anonymous said...

"I don't know how even a Republican could vote for VanderLeest."

Hey, they voted for Walker! Wouldn't shock me one iota if VanderLeest won all because he is NOT a Democrat.

illusory tenant said...

True, they voted for a judge who cheated and lied.

Mike said...

VanderLeest isn't going to win, but I bet he'll get over 40%.

illusory tenant said...

That would surprise me but only because I can't shake this idealism/naivete.