September 9, 2010

Sensenbrenner must be voting for Tom Barrett

New Scott Walker ad, c/w F. James Sensenbrenner voiceover:
Mark Neumann voted 'Yes' for nine billion dollars in pork projects when he was in Congress. He voted 'Yes' to wasteful transportation spending. I voted against that bill because it was full of waste and payoff to special interests. Like me, Scott Walker opposed the bill* and the nine billion of wasteful spending. [Conclusion:] That's why I'm voting for Scott Walker.
Guess who else voted against "that bill"? Tom Barrett, Lloyd Bentsen, Alcee Hastings, Steny Hoyer, Robert Wexler, and ... David Obey.**

See how ridiculous these sorts of ads are? They practically depend on voter ignorance. And there could only be but one rational explanation for this one: Mark-Neumann-breathing-down-your-neck desperation.

Obviously, Scott Walker is feeling the heat.

Sensenbrenner and Walker have spent 59 years on the public payroll

* Except Scott Walker has never been a member of Congress.

** Mr. Obey's farewell speech to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin convention last June was quite possibly the most politically liberal peroration I've ever heard since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

(That's not facetiousness; it was a tremendous speech.)


Grant said...

I've ever heard since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Just how long have you been haunting this dimension?

illusory tenant said...

I saw him on Glenn Beck.