September 23, 2010

Beware this Milwaukee WISN-12 teevee report

Red herring alert
Reporter: In Kratz's case, [Kenosha defense lawyer Terry] Rose says remember, the domestic violence victim was a witness to the original crime. The client was the State of Wisconsin.
It doesn't matter.

The Wisconsin rules of professional conduct provision SCR 20:08.4(i), which even Kratz acknowledged to the OLR may be in play, refers to harassment "in connection with the lawyer's professional activities."

It is not limited to lawyer/client relations. Indeed, it would be absurd if it was so limited, and could never find application to district attorneys, DoJ lawyers, or any others whose clients were the State.

Why didn't Colleen Henry get this assignment? She's a lawyer.


Anonymous said...

I do not agree with you on much but sometimes you impress me as a man of integrity.

For that I can respect you.

illusory tenant said...

Thank you. I think this is a very serious matter.

Free Lunch said...

The question that seems not to be asked is "how would this behavior have been treated if the perpetrator were not a lawyer, not a DA?" It is fairly clear that the state would prosecute a crime. Why should a DA be held to a lower standard?

Grant said...

"I don't think we discipline a lawyer because someone is uncomfortable with that lawyer."