September 14, 2010

Ron Johnson to lobby for more special treatment

Career politicians to the rescue
Ron Johnson, Dick Leinenkugel and Bill McCoshen to hold press conference this morn to respond to Feingold ad on industrial revenue bonds.
Via Twitter.

This should be good.


Free Lunch said...

Possibly apropos nothing, in Robert B. Parker's novel, Cold Service, an organized crime boss helps his fool of a son-in-law set up shop, just to make his daughter happy, even though it is clear that the boss knows that his son-in-law is a fool and has no respect for him. The son-in-law hasn't a clue.

Grant said...

Will also debut new campaign themesong, "Footnotes to Fountainhead."

Display Name said...

IRBs and TIFs are the way cities help stimulate their local businesses. There's sufficient hand-waving, reassurance, and lack of understanding of how these instrumments actually work to allow the most rabid Republican to accept the pork without losing face. The locals get to feel like they're Doing Something To Create Jobs.

Free Lunch said...

All programs for corporate welfare queens are sold as programs to create jobs. Funny how St. Ronnie had no problem handing out welfare to business as governor or president.