September 27, 2010

Extensive political electronic meanderings

Scott Walker aides in the news (being a near-daily occurrence):
[Then-Walker aide Darlene] Wink was not paid to do campaign work on county time, [her] lawyer said, and she regularly took county work home so she could get it done there.
Read: Wink was not paid extra. If she was doing campaign work on county time and getting paid for that county time, then obviously she was getting paid for doing campaign work on county time.
A spokesman for Walker's campaign said he was unaware of the criminal probe.
Which one was that, "Rich" in "retail"?

If the district attorney seizes any more computers over there, Scott Walker's going to have to tally up his county budget on an abacus.

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When is somebody finally going to put the lid on that bogus thing?


Grant said...

No Quarter has obtained an open records request regarding a critic of the GOP nominee that was made by the pro-Walker blog and sent to Wink in September 2009.

Reading that sentence was like pouring molasses in the gas tank. My brain seized up. The "critic" is our favorite Cheddarspheric blogger, right?

Clutch said...


illusory tenant said...

I have several favorites so I cannot say. It's probably Scott Walker's favorite.

illusory tenant said...

I'm pretty sure it's critic. It's open to some amusing speculation now whether Wink was both the originator and the receiver of the open records request.