September 29, 2010

Speaking of the Wisconsin pee our eye ...

One of their "fellows" has a serious reading comprehension problem:
[F]or the President to flatly state that only Republicans do it is insulting.
Poor guy, he's insulted. Except the president stated no such thing. He's speaking, at an undisguisedly partisan event, solely about those attack ads which are being run against Democratic candidates.

Obviously. What do you expect at an undisguisedly partisan rally?

And those ads are disguised as the speech of nonpartisan citizens' groups, even though they are all run by Republican Party operatives. Not that much unlike the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, which laughably advertises its own self as a "nonpartisan" "think tank."

In fact it's tremendously difficult to say which is more comical when it comes to describing the WPRI: "nonpartisan," or "think tank."

It was the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, one may recall, that convinced a University of Wisconsin political science professor to jigger around with the results of a poll because it did not effectively enough demonstrate the results the WPRI desired from the outset.

So blatant was that chicanery that the University of Wisconsin published a statement disavowing any relationship with the WPRI.

And then there was the recent embarrassment before a unanimous panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Those three clearly didn't have any reading comprehension problem.

At least Obama wasn't being disingenuous about his partisanship.

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Display Name said...

With a name like Mr. Atomic Trousers, you know he's got to be good. He built his own Schneider-o-tron. They hire him because he's capable and willing to spin and accelerate facts until they become anti-facts. Sometimes they collide with other WPRI reports and emit bozons and you-betcha particles.