September 17, 2010

Somebody finds the "sexting DA" story funny

I certainly don't, but a Journal-Sentinel reporter does:
Take special note of the curtained, cozy-corner "champagne parlor" in the basement. Can you identify the apparatus in front of the leather sectional sofa?
Why didn't sexting DA mention cozy champagne parlor?

I assume the levity is intentional. (Albeit allowedly, pretty grim.)

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that the DA has gone from this morning's paranoid "smear campaign" allegations to "sincere and heartfelt" remorse to revealing he's been in psychotherapy for six months to conducting a sexual assault of a child trial next week, the concurrent combination of which doesn't reflect especially well.

Every few minutes another luminary is calling for his resignation. As far as I can tell, the condemnation is damned near universal. That will likely only continue to intensify. This is a shame, for everybody.

And because what lies at its heart is domestic violence, it's no joke.

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