September 17, 2010

District Attorney subject to "smear campaign"

'Sexting' DA rejects calls to resignAssociated Press

It's really not cool at all to play the victim under the circumstances.

Yesterday, Mr. Kratz stated he would refrain from making further comment on the situation. I submit that that was the far wiser counsel. Today, it's becoming even more difficult to envision this elected State executive branch official surviving the controversy.

eta: This ought to seal the deal.

And: Presser at four.


Free Lunch said...

If the state Supreme Court's Office of Lawyer Regulation doesn't care if District Attorneys subject victims of domestic violence to sexual harrassment and Van Hollen's state Department of Justice doesn't care if a Republican DA does this, then the Federal government needs to prosecute him for his shameful, criminal behavior.

illusory tenant said...

I find the OLR's (reported) determination the most baffling.

Free Lunch said...

I was initially skeptical that the OLR let him off, but the responses and non-responses from OLR imply that they have dropped all investigation. Why even have a professional conduct office if lawyers can do whatever they want and expect the OLR to roll over?

illusory tenant said...

It's disturbing (as the DA association's letter rather forcefully demonstrates).