September 14, 2010

30% off "isn't significant," says Ron Johnson

Maybe not if you're wealthy like Ron Johnson — with $15 million of your own cash just to burn on running a political campaign — but I reckon 30% off is mighty significant to most people.

Reports the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:
Ron Johnson and Bill McCoshen said there wasn't any taxpayer money or taxpayer risk involved in the transactions. . . .

"Each IRB requires the secretary of commerce to sign it," said deputy commerce secretary Zach Brandon. "The reason is that the federal government is giving up tax revenue."
Huh. But Ron Johnson and Bill McCoshen just got done saying that there wasn't any taxpayer money involved. It's Truth-O-Meter™ time!


Grant said...

The ad is incorrect. Industrial revenue bonds are not government loans

I wonder if I can get Monsignor Don Walker to sign off on my "driving to work is not a government commute" glibertarian indulgence.

illusory tenant said...

Egregiously lacking in attribution, that.