September 12, 2010

In Wisconsin, dark paranoias vs. carefree spirit

And F. James Sensenbrenner's falsehoods* probably don't help
Republican candidate Scott Walker claims Democrats are trying to hijack the primary and knock him out of the race.
Meanwhile, Walker's primary election rival Mark Neumann is "traveling the State in a school bus complete with a polka band."

Sounds like somebody's having fun and somebody else, not.

"Support for Mark Neumann is up three points from earlier this month and is the highest measured for the candidate since polling of the race began in February." — Rasmussen Reports, reporting a dead heat between the Republicans Walker and Neumann as of August 27.

It's the polkas, stupid.

* "[Scott Walker's communications director Jill] Bader suggested that because Sensenbrenner was Walker’s congressman, he would have supported Sensenbrenner’s position." Follow the logic: Because Russ Feingold/Barack Obama was Walker's senator/president, Walker would have supported Russ Feingold's/Barack Obama's position.

Exactly how dumb does the Walker campaign expect people to be?

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