September 29, 2010

@PolitiFactWisc will now eat its own

Delectable treats lie within corporate enclave
While our primary focus* at PolitiFact Wisconsin is fact-checking the promises, claims and accusations made by elected officials and candidates, we will also examine the words of other voices who shape the political discourse.
Good. That's a more valuable pursuit anyway.

P-Fact should do a "weekly McIlheran" or a "daily Sykes."

* This @PolitiFactWisc entry concerns local medium-wave yammerer and occasional Limbaugh understudy Mark Belling's plummeting like a ton of duped rubes for this hallucination:
We asked Belling for his evidence.
"I have none," he said in an e-mail to PolitiFact Wisconsin.
Actually the AM-band bawler did have "evidence," except it originated with that prestigious — seriously: they insist on its prestigiousness — right-wing Republican house organ the National Review.**

** Whose own ongoing fisking is well- and hilariously-managed here.


Pete Gruett said...

I caroled at his house once. We sang Jingle Bells because, as Madisonians (and Middletonians), we were all PC. He said he'd invite us in but all he had to offer was leftover Chinese. Nice guy.

illusory tenant said...

Lindsey Graham: No, I just asked you where you were at on Christmas. [laughter] Elena Kagan: You know like all Jews I was probably at a Chinese restaurant. (I think that impeccably deadpanned jape was the moment Graham decided to vote for her.)

Grant said...

Now begins countdown to an "equivalent" assertion by a librul - my money's on One Wisconsin Now.

Which is fine; no one should be exempt. But what's most maddening about this operation is the studied incapacity to see the forest for the trees.