September 23, 2010

The Randian Ron Johnson: More subsidies please Another IRB for Johnson's company?
Said Fox News/Republican candidate Ron Johnson's campaign spokesperson Sara Sendek, "I haven't seen anyone asking Senator Feingold to produce all his cases and billings from his time in the law firms and scrutinizing all that."
Probably because unlike Ron Johnson and Sara Sendek, they've heard of a little thing called attorney-client privilege. But it is nice to see Johnson acknowledge he baldly lied about Senator Feingold's career.

Maybe a sunspot made him do it.

And yet another state-facilitated subsidy:
The Oshkosh plastics factory owned by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson was built, in part, with the assistance of a $1 million government-issued industrial development revenue bond.
What are we up to now, $7 million? I'm losing count.

"We conservatives, we simply want to be left alone."

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