September 25, 2010

Not even conservatives know who Ron Johnson is

Tim Dake, organizer of the Milwaukee-area group the GrandSons of Liberty and others in the Tea Party movement say they don't know enough about Ron Johnson . . . "We feel we don't really know him at this point," Dake said. "We would kind of like to see some substance." — CS Monitor
I was under the impression the Tea Party folks follow politics pretty closely. But they still don't know anything about Ron Johnson and have yet to see any "substance." Takes the edge off the recent polls, when not even attentive conservatives know who Ron Johnson is.

And even if they turned on their teevee sets, all they would see is a bunch of 30-second advertisements of some guy in safety goggles wandering around inside an Oshkosh factory pointing at things.*

'Ron Johnson, isn't he that wacky Communist China sunspot guy?'

* Like his federally-funded rail siding and his subsidized buildings.


sofa said...

Is he a communist?

Is the person he's running against a communist?

simple choices.
Anybody but communists.

Eventually we can get better candidates. But for now- It's (A) Communist, or (B) and American.

Warts and all- I'll take an American over the communist, every time.

illusory tenant said...

Neither of them are Communists.

Interesting blog you have there. Did you know that that Ezra Levant piece in the Toronto Sun was so full of garbage and lies that the paper deleted it and issued a full retraction and apology?

Clutch said...

Indeed, I think many of the weaker-minded proles have been taken in by Feingold's "Nongye xue Dazhai" and "Догнать и перегнать Америку" rhetoric.

AutismNewsBeat said...

... some guy in safety goggles wandering around inside an Oshkosh factory pointing at things.*

Anybody who's ever worked in a factory knows this guy.

Grant said...

Whinge and purge.

Anonymous said...

Condivido pienamente il suo punto di vista. In questo nulla in vi e credo che questa sia un'ottima idea.
Assolutamente d'accordo con lei. Si tratta di qualcosa di diverso e l'idea di mantenere.

illusory tenant said...


sofa said...

From his actions, Feingold is a communist. His PR team works to obfuscate the matter.


Ezra Levant has not retracted the stories. And the facts remain the facts.

Soros lawyers practiced "Lawfare" and compelled the papers to retract the stories. Similar to threats of violence used by jihadis against cartoons. They can compell weak kneed papers, but the facts are the facts, regardless of lawyers trying to 'cover-up' history.

illusory tenant said...

The Sun is hardly a "weak-kneed" paper. It printed lies.

Clutch said...

From his actions, Feingold is a communist


Premise 1: Words don't have meanings.
Premise 2: Some Very True Things I hear on AM radio while stacking cans in the cellar for when the race war hits.
Conclusion: Argle-bargle Islam Obama Commie Hitler!

Run that man for Senate in Delaware.

illusory tenant said...

"I told you ... the real dangerous killers show up."

sofa said...

By his actions: Feingold supports "transfer of wealth", "nationalized industries", and "the police state". All central tennants of communism. (Think about it: Surprising, isn't it?)

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... He's a communist!

Clutch said...

Beck speaking about "progressives":

"I have seen [God's] finger enough in things to know He is involved. These are not enemies of ours, they are enemies of Him."

Can I just call that Premise One-and-a-Half?