September 21, 2010

O'Donnell dabbled into Transubstantiation

How come we'll never see that headline?*

There's been quite a lot of mockery leveled at Christine O'Donnell, the ditzy Delaware Republican together with whom top strategist Sarah Palin has sunk the GOP's chances of retaking the U.S. Senate.

"I dabbled into witchcraft," O'Donnell told Bill Maher on Politically Incorrect, before Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer had the ABC show taken off the air for being overly critical of U.S. foreign policy.

"I was a witch. I dabbled into witchcraft, I hung around people who were doing these things," candidate O'Donnell continued. "One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar and I didn't know it, and I mean there was a little blood there and stuff like that."

Yet she says she still does that every Sunday now. What's the diff?

* Except maybe in a Bob Jones University newsletter.

On teh web: "Christine O'Donnell is clearly a criminal."

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