September 30, 2010

Leading economic indicators in the news

Any person who intentionally has or offers to have or requests to have nonmarital sexual intercourse for anything of value. § 944.30(1)
Columbia County prosecutors said 72-year-old Gerald Hilliker solicited sex at a truck stop west of Portage on July 13th. They said he distributed a flyer* with a list of sex acts he was apparently willing to perform.
It's getting tough out there.

* Wonder if he got them printed at Kinko's.


Display Name said...

Old guy like that would use InstyPrints.

Display Name said...

I take it back. He would've used purple-ink spirit duplicator. Ah, nothing like methanol in the morning! Chocolate milk after recess!

illusory tenant said...

Are those what they used to call "dittos"?