September 22, 2010

Madison Capital Times stirs the sexting DA pot

Did Van Hollen cover for sexting DA?

[Wisconsin] Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen should welcome and cooperate fully with an independent investigation of charges that he attempted to protect a political ally who stands accused of gross misconduct.

To do otherwise would invite suspicion that Van Hollen engaged in activities that would merit his removal as attorney general and sanctions that would almost certainly include the suspension of his license to practice law in Wisconsin. That suspicion would destroy the credibility of the attorney general.

There is no question that Van Hollen has the right to be presumed innocent* until an investigation is completed.
Holy moley. And it goes on like that. I guess they are not big fans.

Yet today's Capital Times editorial admonishes voters to ignore negative campaign ads — "flying mud" — in the governor's race!

Seems they're pretty good at flinging it themselves.

This should be an interesting encounter on Oct. 7.

* That's generous of them, at least.

1 comment:

Free Lunch said...

I really hope that Van Hollen was not responsible for letting a DA almost get away with a crime, even though I have no use for him on a political level.

Who can we trust to protect us from lawyers when the DOJ and OLR turn a blind eye to obvious criminal acts like this? Do we really need to make a federal civil rights case of it?