September 27, 2010

Kratz sends actual respectful message

He will resign.

In fact the DA never had a choice, since day one.

"There are apparently, I guess, classes you take in law school called, 'Meaning of Nymph 101' and 'How You Too Can Be The Prize!'"
WPRI "senior fellow" Mike Nichols in the Journal-Sentinel

And apparently, I guess, that's supposed to be funny. Well, it isn't.


Anonymous said...

Who will clean up the system that swept this under the rug?

illusory tenant said...

I think the jury's out on whether it was the system or a couple of questionable individual decisions.

Free Lunch said...

I would like to volunteer to be on a review committee of the OLR and its processes. Since they refuse to provide adequate information about what they do, there is no way we can be confident in their actions.

The absurd result concerning Kratz undermines any reason for us to think that OLR is doing its job properly, no matter that we have Rick Esenberg's word that they are really doing a good job.