September 15, 2010

Ron Johnson dodges 13th debate in a row

The sunspot goggles, they do nothing
When asked whether he would attend a scheduled debate in Eau Claire on Sunday night, Ron Johnson said, "I don't believe so. That's pretty quick."
Come on, give the poor guy a break. Ron Johnson is unprepared to debate, having never expected to win 85% of the vote last night.

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Display Name said...

[Futurama, S02E02 "Mars University". Fry meets his roommate Guenter, an intelligent chimp who wears a bowler invented by Prof. Farnsworth]

Leela: So what makes Guenter talk?

Fry: Is he genetically engineered?

Farnsworth: Oh, please! That's preposterous science-fiction mumbo-jumbo. Guenter's intelligence actually lies in his electronium hat which harnesses the power of sunspots to produce cognitive radiation.

Guenter: You're wasting your breath, Professor. He'll never understand a word of it.

Fry: I understood the word "hat"!