September 7, 2010

Maybe it was Tom Cochrane's highway?


Mea maxima culpa — Scott Walker is correct:
Public Law 105-178 [H.R. 2400] Sec. 1214(e) National Defense Highways Outside the United States. (1) Reconstruction projects. If the Secretary [of Transportation] determines, after consultation with the Secretary of Defense, that a highway, or a portion of a highway, located outside the United States is important to the national defense, the Secretary may carry out a project for reconstruction of the highway or portion of highway. (2) Funding. (A) In general. For each of fiscal years 1998 through 2002, the Secretary may set aside not to exceed $18,800,000 from amounts to be apportioned under section 104(b)(4) of title 23, United States Code, to carry out this section. (B) Availability. Funds made available under subparagraph (1) shall remain available until expended.
The Haines Road.

That is some damning guilt by association. Neumann is finished.


Grant said...


capper said...

So, Scott Walker is against national defense, eh?

Clutch said...

What admitting your mistakes? You'll never make the Op/Ed of the J-S that way.

And I believe these are the canonical references. But there may be room for reasonable disagreement.