November 11, 2011

WISGOP warned us about election fraud

Little did we know it was planned by WISGOP disciples.

Will Scott Walker and his acolytes condemn these cheap tricks?


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Will Walker and the Milwaukee radio talkers condemn this? OF COURSE NOT! Which means they think it's OK.

I'd pressure this at every turn, pointing ut the thuggery that is the average WisGOP supporter and ask their politicians if they find this acceptable. They either 1. Say NO, and it'll back off some of these dopes or 2. They'll duck it, and you got a real weapon to use against them when you talk to the handful of undecideds left.

Silence is approval in this case. And it's fuel for our fire.

Mike said...

This just makes me want to recall Walker even more.

OneidaHeights said...

Recall is set initiate. Countdown minus 3 days...

morninmist said...

this Jenkins guy is still posting his vile!

William Jenkins I don't think I'll be able to burn your petitions, but I will definitely burn the ones I can get my hands on.

I also posted notices at sex offenders homes letting them know to expect you guys to knock on their door and that they should "resist their animal urges". LOL! Awesome? I think so.12 hours ago

and a response:
Douglas Allen ‎@william, sorry that you have not been able to infiltrate this group; but a few of us are close to gaining their trust. I have to pretend to be a hippy liberal scum for a few more months. I am getting used to not showering though.3 hours ago

CJ said...

morninmist- At least you don't have to pretend to be yippy conservative scum.

Why not just be human?