November 24, 2011

Candy and ice cubes were thrown at Mark Belling

Charlie Sykes used his credibility as a noted author and journalist, and his stature as an employee of Journal Communications, to lend validity to a false story and then used his position as a conservative radio talk-show host to verify the claims. [After settling the libel action] Sykes went on the air bellowing about how he was ready to have his day in court. — Robert Miranda
"Are they all fine with Lena Taylor, a respected member of their party in the legislature, being an accessory to voter fraud?"
These days Charlie Sykes is still accusing people of serious crimes.

Falsely? Could be a problem for the radio shouter and his employers.
Sykes based his statement on an e-mail he received from a listener. When he learned that the e-mail contained factual errors, he removed the posting from his blog within hours on November 12, 2004. Nevertheless, the posting was still available through Internet searches several months later.
That's one savvy fella right there. His disciples call him "the Blogfather."

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