November 15, 2011

Jim Ott's critical thinking skills quote of the day

"Other people believe there's significant [voter] fraud. There's a lot of people that feel that there is." — Rep. Jim Ott, 11.15.11
That's a Wisconsin lawmaker justifying his Republican Party's photo ID law that will make it more difficult for more people* to exercise what Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack says is a First Amendment right. But the really sad thing is that's as good as their argument gets.

Ott went on to convict three individuals — who were named in the press but not charged with anything — of voter fraud with no evidence at all.

And this character is actually in charge of a legislative committee.

* Democratic-leaning demographics, not coincidentally.

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Anonymous said...

What's his "forecast" for the future? Sorry, I couldn't resist. :-)