November 21, 2011

More fraud accusations from Bradley "intellectuals"

Charlie Sykes — "Recall Fraud Captured on Videotape"

Can you see the "fraud"? Because I can't. False accusations of fraud are becoming a habit with the Bradley Foundation's stable of "intellectuals."

Pretty desperate already, they are. Not to mention wildly irresponsible.
Michael Grebe, a lawyer by both profession and temperament
Really. Well maybe he better look into what his beneficiaries are saying.
"Speaking of fraud, can WTMJ PLEASE stop airing the Right Size Smoothies ad?" — Charlie Sykes blog commenter CleoOne
Haha. Is consumer fraud paying Charlie Sykes's bills?


CJ said...

I not quite sure what "fraud" is being identified in the Charlie Sykes video.

The only serious fraud I can recall of late is the "fraudulent" Democratic candidates in the last recall.
Get ready for another wave of those. DINO in particular.

illusory tenant said...

Not quite sure what "fraud" is being identified in the Charlie Sykes video.

Neither is he.

Anonymous said...

Signing the recall petition myself later today but are those two people signing the petition minors?

illusory tenant said...

Sykes seems to think so. Wonder where's his evidence.

Display Name said...

I think his point is that OWS == Walker Recall and they use cigarettes to bribe minors into signing petitions. Alleged cig transfer pic is at 2:37. With the way the kid was grinning, was it a jok? But I don't see it in the video, and between the edits and the poor aim of the camera, it's hard to tell who is writing for who, who signed, and whether anyone who signed was a minor, or whether the cigarette was actually transferred, right?

illusory tenant said...

Easy for Sykes to tell, apparently. Just get a load of his screaming headline.

CJ said...

@John Foust-

I know a young man who wasn't going to vote in the last presidential election. He told me an old guy he knows paid him 10 bucks to vote for McCain.
Told me the story in front of three other people.
Frankly, I was stunned.

The young man works for Pacur. Is it a "connect a dot" moment? Who knows....?