November 3, 2011

Our Blocks are so much better than their Blocks

Working illegally in concert with a Supreme Court justice's campaign

Not surprisingly, a conservative Republican Supreme Court justice, who was fined $10,000. That court monitors attorneys' professional ethics.

Which may well be the darkest joke in the State.

Wilcox: Fined $10K
Ziegler: Public reprimand
Gableman: Violated two ethics provisions
Prosser: Under investigation

Although the theory of moral authority still works on paper, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

i would add to this judge crook's campaign. he ran as a conservative when it was known the Court would be deciding the constitutionality of school choice and had as his campaign advisor or manager scott jensen, at the time the legislature's foremost advocate for school choice. neither he nor wilcox recused themselves when the case came up. the only one who did was justice bradley. choke on that, justice prosser!

illusory tenant said...

As I never tire of saying, it's not the people who can't be trusted to elect judges, it's the judges who can't be trusted not to try and get elected.

Display Name said...

Two days later, and this headline still makes me laugh.