November 20, 2011

Wisconsin, meet your enemy

"In some way or another, most [local] conservatives, I guess, would have a connection to us," said Michael Grebe.
The Bradley Foundation.

Where Charlie Sykes is an "intellectual." rofl

Funnier still, the Bradley Foundation promotes "competent government," which apparently refers to powerful legislative committees chaired by the likes of Jim Ott, Mary Lazich, Leah Vukmir, and Glenn Grothman.

And their top attorney plays fast and loose with legal terms of art.

Nothing terribly "intellectual" about that either.


Display Name said...

I only skimmed the piece the first time. Did it explain when the Foundation's money might run out?

One can't help but acknowledge that Bradley has effectively created a trickle-down network carrying out their political beliefs.

I look forward to the MJS's explanation and outline of similar lefty organizations and their funding schemes.

illusory tenant said...

Haha. Are there any?

Emily said...

If there are they're doing a terrible job of actually, y'know, funding anyone.

illusory tenant said...

@danerepublicans says I'm getting paid. News to me.

tony123A said...

There's that projection thing again, as with Lt. Gov. Kleefisch and dogs.

Display Name said...

Well, if there are, apparently none of them are willing to set up journamalistical organizations capable of fabricating their own spin on trivial events in order to sway public opinion with faux news releases.

(Breathless breaking news: a cigs-for-sigs scandal! How they missed that headline, I don't know.)

I have yet to find any evidence of a left-wing equivalent of the right-wing secret radio transmission network that coordinates the week's talking points.

The operatives of WPRI / McLie-ver / AFP would certainly point to the Greater Wisconsin Committee. I looked at their "Issues" page and there's one issue dated 2008 and two 2007 and then I got sad and stopped counting the ones for 2006, 2005 and 2004. They have evolved to the point of being able to produce ads against Sen. Olsen and for Sen. Holperin, but not yet evolved to having Facebook pages or Twitter feeds, or free lunch for down-on-their-luck professors, or drink-fests at Country Springs, like the other guys.

Yet the faux journamalists at Media Trackers have the details for us: "The Greater Wisconsin Committee can safely be described as the source of money behind the Left’s campaign to attack and smear Republican or conservative candidates." Apparently 527s are good when Republicans do them.

Sadly, I don't think we'll see any media, faux or not, reporting on how the news media corporations are influenced by greatly increased political advertisement spending.

Clutch said...

"@danerepublicans says I'm getting paid."

For being a hack for -- who? Obama?

Oh, hell yeah. You can't say enough good things about him. If I see another post from you celebrating the way that the Administration formulated its health care legislation, I'll just quit reading altogether.