November 3, 2011

Clothing suggestion for #WIUnion protesters

Since signs are Verboten in the Wisconsin legislature's public galleries but concealed, loaded handguns are happily allowed, just wear one of these.

They can't have you arrested for that.


Sue said...

Not yet, anyway.

illusory tenant said...

Yeah maybe James Troupis will think of something.

Display Name said...

Depends on what they say a "sign" is, right? A printed t-shirt of any kind? A brand name is OK? How big must the lettering be to be a sign or not? How about a hat? Shoes? That's quite a rabbit hole they're digging.

Reminds me of fear-and-hype about "gang signs."

Display Name said...

Concealed signs and concealed cameras and concealed guns are now 100% legal. Using a camera to defend or support your beliefs is illegal in the gallery. Using a gun to defend your belief that you're being attacked? 100% legal in the gallery.