November 17, 2011

Charlie Sykes wants WRTL charged also

Charlie Sykes petitions the Milwaukee County district attorney:
Will you be as zealous in commenting on promises to pay cash and/or other free inducements in return for signatures?
See, this is what I'm sayin'!

(The medium wave dissembler lives in Ozaukee County so apparently Scott Walker's* "tort reforms" included for wing-nut forum shopping.)

* Download a recall petition at the link. Do it for Charlie Sykes.

eta: Speaking of Charlie Sykes:
MKE alderman Bob Bauman said the number of streetcar opponents speaking Wednesday was "pretty pathetic," considering the volume of talk radio commentary against the project.
Poor Sykes is slipping since he singlehandedly elected David Prosser.


Anonymous said...

If Chisholm wastes one secod of taxpayer time anwering this out of town Know nothing windbag we ought to recall him.

Where do I send my quiz questions to him?

illusory tenant said... They don't like to give out individual prosecutors' email addresses.