November 11, 2011

"Carried ... Fitz first."

Recall Senate Majority Leader Republican Scott Fitzgerald:
Scott Fitzgerald presided over at least two legislative sessions that we believe violated Wisconsin’s open meetings laws, and he coordinated the most egregious case of partisan gerrymandering our State has ever seen.


xoff said...

I understand why people would like to recall Fitz, but he got 67% of the vote last year, so it looks virtually impossible in his district. Our time, energy and money may be bettter spent elsewhere.

illusory tenant said...

Sounds more like a consciousness-raising exercise:

"The 13th is a very red district and we’re unlikely to win over many hearts and minds by going down that road. We want to demonstrate that Scott Fitzgerald is not serving honorably in his official capacity."

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Exactly, this move is more symbolic than a hard-core chance to run that scumbag. But Ftiz may be such a low-life that it's worth it to make him sweat, if nothing else, and it might lead to something more than that.

On a more serious note, why isn't Vukmir mentioned as a legit recall target, given that "Recall Walker" signs line Tosa streets and Angry Leah is trying to tyrannically bully the GAB next week?

Anonymous said...

Xoff, here in the 13th I've been repeating the same line as yours for months, but these people will not be deterred.