November 2, 2011

Citizens of Wisconsin! Jeremy is out of marijuana.

Unless I'm mistaken, Emily Mills is a credentialed member of the State Capitol press corps. While the First Amendment does not bind this tiny gaggle of "protesters," they invoke it often enough that they might want to consider its spirit, in particular its guarantee of a free press.
Last time Miles Kristan verbally accosted Emily Mills, dane101 took an ignore approach. Now that he ganged up on her again last night with Jeremy Ryan we aren't sure we can ignore him anymore. A Capitol officer had to step in and tell them to cool their jets. We're currently discussing options, perhaps legal options, because Miles is creating an unsafe atmosphere for Emily to do her job. He clearly has anger management issues and at some point he's going to physically hurt someone. — Jesse Russell
Via Blogging Blue (do watch the video clip).

Thanks, guys, for handing Steve Nass the occasion to declare victory.

That's some real strategic genius right there.

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CJ said...

IT- I would say yes. No all, but three in particular have worn out their welcome.

CJ & company seem to have a juvenile need for attention and act out regularly. Not cool. No one’s going to take them seriously. I don’t. So if they sit in jail; cool with me.

I have shared video content of people respectfully and quietly protesting, holding small signs or recording in the assembly gallery or in hallways. If those three toddlers are in a video, it doesn’t get shared. No need to distrubute examples of bad behavior that REFLECT upon the whole movement.

I thnked Zach for taking a stand on this and calling out bad behavior. It has no place in life or the protests. In fact, it has a detrimental effect on the cause.

I thank you as well.