November 14, 2011

Fitzgerald suddenly appalled at presidential politics

Big Fitz speculates:
"Is this going to be a fight that ultimately is going to be OK'd by the White House and is President Obama involved in it and really is this about Wisconsin being ground zero for the president?" Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said. "If you see 30, 40 million dollars dumped in, you know it's about presidential politics and not just about recalling Governor Walker." — WisPolitics
Perhaps Scott Fitzgerald has forgotten he revealed to Fox News in March that the WISGOP agenda was devoted to thwarting Obama's reelection chances in Wisconsin. Or else he hopes others have forgotten. In either event Sen. Fitzgerald certainly has no grounds to complain about it now.

After all, he started it. No crying towel for him.


morninmist said...

I find both Scot's APPAULING! (fitz and Walker)!!

Display Name said...

Prof. Shh 'n Shh advances the "But Mom, They Started It" defense of Walker.