November 17, 2011

Madison doctors "openly engaged in fraud"

One of the most amazing things was to see doctors openly engaged in — it's not too strong a word — fraud and justify it on the grounds of "social activism." — law professor Rick Esenberg
It's not too strong a word, he says. That was a baseless accusation when he made it in February and it remains a baseless accusation today:
Attorneys for the doctors stressed that there was no finding they issued any fake sick notes or engaged in fraudulent behavior.
We presume Rick Esenberg, being a professor of law, knows what fraud means and that it's a pretty serious accusation to make, especially with not one shred of support. But "fraud" was — and still is — the standard wing-nut refrain. What do they care that there was "no finding" of any fraudulent behavior. Funnier still is that a few months earlier, Esenberg had admonished Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate for mistakenly claiming that — of all people — Herman Cain's notorious chief of staff, Mark "Banned From Politics" Block had committed a crime.

Moreover Esenberg said Tate's comments "may themselves have legal consequences." As far as I'm aware, they didn't. And of course Mark Block is in all kinds of trouble these days, and his candidate is a liar.

Ladies and gentlemen, your conservative and fact-free Republicans.


3rd Way said...

The degenerate party continues to degenerate.

krshorewood said...

Being an expert on law is one thing, being a shameless partisan hack is another.

illusory tenant said...

Experts in law are more careful with terms of art.