November 27, 2011

Glenn Grothman wants to violate the constitution

Grothman pushes for more accountability [sic] on petitions:
Glenn Grothman's bill would require petition gatherers' statement of authenticity to be in the form of an affidavit, acknowledged by an officer authorized to administer oaths, affirm the circulator's identity and state that the circulator appeared before the officer and executed the statement in the officer's presence.
It's debatable whether Republican Senator Grothman's "hamper[ing], restrict[ing] or impair[ing]"* would be legal before the recalls got rolling, but it's almost certainly illegal now that the recalls are underway. There's some real desperation among the WISGOP leadership in the Senate, where Grothman stands to lose his position as assistant majority leader.

Changing the rules during the game, is what Glenn Grothman is up to.

And you don't get to do that. Sorry bub. Eat your peas.

* See Sec. 12, Para. 7.


Mike said...

SLOBS 1 Grothman 0

mz said...

At some point, it would be nice if people acknowledged that the number of signatures required is so high in order that a little fraud here and there couldn't trigger a recall. Keep in mind these requirements were created when computer databases couldn't be cross referenced so easily. If Walker faces a recall election, it won't be because someone padded signatures, it will be because somewhere around 5,000 volunteers and staff made the time and effort to gather signatures. And that doesn't even get him out of office. The election is the ultimate safeguard against these fraud allegations.

OneidaHeights said...

I would put the number closer to 10000 volunteers. Either way, it is impressive to be a part of it

nonquixote said...

Interesting to hear him on WPR this morning explaining numerous ideas of about how fraud might occur in the recall process, ideas that most honest voters of the state would never have thought of.

It was also instructive to hear how very little regard he has for the integrity of electorate in general, apparently applying to those voters that elected him as well.