November 29, 2011

Reason to Recall Scott Walker No. 3,945,284

Walker will have another appointment to the commission in March 2013.


Ron R said...

Or "Walker Whine No. 3,945,284"

illusory tenant said...

Actually I don't have such a big problem with Laurie McCallum's construction of the law as many on "my side" do. Dissenting opinions are always of some value. I just think that this would be a better world to live in if Scott Walker wasn't appointing anyone to anything.

illusory tenant said...

Also, I think this line from the initial Wisconsin Gazette story is extremely misleading: "But McCallum, the politically connected wife of former GOP Gov. Scott McCallum, defied nearly 30 years of precedent in state law by asserting that sexual 'preference,' as she put it, is not a protected category in workplace discrimination cases."

The preference bit isn't "as she put it," it's how the law puts it.

See? I'm a fair guy.