November 9, 2011

"Officials of both parties have been threatened."

Then why is this story entirely about the Republican Scott Walker?

And lest we forget.


Mike said...

A while ago, I thought I read something that said the Dems had been told to not make a big deal about death threats because it just encourages people to make them (or something to that effect).

Sue said...

Did they include the cost of armor-plating Rebecca's minivan?

Anonymous said...

Physical threats should never be acceptable or needed in our form of gov...

Anonymous said...

It is MUCH WORSE than this. The DOJ knows that scotty walker admitted on a tape to conspiring to institute a violent "false flag" attempt against protesters.

You can google this yourself and find transcripts and/or actual copies of the audio where walker brags to a fake koch brother about considering committing serious crimes against the people of wisconsin.

He does say that they decided not to do it - BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT!

The conspiracy is a serious crime and actually carries stiffer penalties than the crime would have (unless, of course, walker's "false flag" terrorism would have killed someone)

Wisconsin's governor has been given a "free pass" and has never had to answer any questions under oath to either clear his name or be held accountable for serious crimes against Wisconsin and our great Nation.

Please CALL John W. Vaudreuil at:

608) 264-5158

You will be told to write a letter - probably a good idea, but please also share that the public safety should not be dependent on a popular vote.

Please write a strong letter; I sent mine certified.

Please then call them back a couple of weeks later. Tell them you want to talk to someone about your letter.

They may just continue to take your name and promise call backs; they may ask you to write a letter - who knows (I will decline to give more details about my experience at this point in time)


Let's give scotty walker an opportunity to "clear the air" under oath (assuming he can).

I literally fear what will happen in the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

AND supporters have been threatened.

"Sonny" claims to be an ex-Ranger, and sometimes posts as "FrankButlerJr" - Frank Butler being a shooter who performed with Annie Oakley.

sonny 4 days ago in reply to The Wall

Can you imagine the billions Wisconsin could make if we had a shoot a liberal season! Since liberal men are as close to a doe as you can get we could completely eliminate the buck requirement. Just one of my happy thoughts I wanted to share.

nonquixote said...

Not only have "officials been threatened, this little, but remarkable comment has been shunted out of sight for the most part and I wonder why.

Anyone else know Kevin Binversie?

nonquixote said...

Lest we forget the recall canvassers and this tweet from Kevin Binversie:

Any AG investigation here yet? I have heard of nothing.

illusory tenant said...

I don't know him but he told me he's a jerk and I take him at his word.

nonquixote said...

Sorry for the double post, some kind of redirect or reset on my connection had me thinking the first version was out in the cloud, unobserved.