November 18, 2011

Do recalls cause the heartbreak of psoriasis?

Check out this laughably transparent, self-serving propaganda:
[R]ecall fever is sweeping Wisconsin politics ... and a top Republican wonders if the political turmoil is weakening the will of employers to expand.
Not coincidentally, the said "top Republican" is Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, who is getting recalled as we speak.

Organizers* announced they collected 50,000 recall petitions during the first 48 hours. They need about 540,000 signatures in 60 days. So expect to hear all manner of fabricated nonsense from Wisconsin Reporter and their WISGOP taskmasters for the next little while.

You remember Wisconsin Reporter, they pilfered the other party's documents. They are not journalists, they are a Republican front.

* Download a petition at this link. Do it for Wisconsin Reporter.

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