November 13, 2011

Wisconsin — Your recalls begin Tuesday

Ed Fallone: The Original Intent of the Recall Power

Great stuff, as usual, required reading from Prof. Fallone.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking to this post. Extremely informative and it is a pleasure to read a piece that utilizes writing as a tool for reason. Not so much of that available theses daze...

illusory tenant said...

Got that right.

morninmist said...

I do hope all the signature petition folks will be safe.

LizSchmidt3 Liz Schmidt
I will be secretly taking video of any recall signature collector that comes to my door ;) Found the perfect spot to hide the cam #WIRight

LizSchmidt3 Liz Schmidt
#WIRight - Report all suspicious recall activity to the Recall Integrity Center, don't count on the GAB
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