March 16, 2011

New Randy Hopper ad "reprehensible"

And remarkably nauseating. — Washington Post

Hopper has hired an out-of-State agitator to handle his affairs.

In re Hopper.

Meanwhile Zach Dubya's Blogging Blue broak teh internets and had to move to here (the new digs are neither apartment nor McMansion).

See also: "Apartment" is $600,000 home owned by Hopper employee

And the ever-astute Chief: FDL's Hopper "went Madison" PDQ


Zach W. said...

Thanks for pointing people to the new/temporary home of BB. Hopefully my hosting provider will fix my broaken intertubes soon.

Zach W. said...

Thankfully my providers have fixed the intertubes leading to BB.